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A culture of research, experimentation, function and use are the matrixes that have always defined Stone Island: the sportswear brand established in 1982, designed to become a symbol of extreme research on fibres and textiles, applied to an innovative design. Season after season, it is through the study of form and the “manipulation” of the matter that Stone Island has found its own language with the aim of establishing new boundaries in the world of garment making. The study of uniforms and of work wear, its evolution according to new requirements of use, has become Stone Island’s observation post for defining a project in which the clothing item’s function is never just aesthetic. An ongoing investigation, thorough and without frontiers, on the processing and ennobling of fibres and textiles, leading to discover materials and production techniques never used before in the clothing industry. Jackets constructed in nylon monofilament, deriving from the water filtering technology. Highly reflective or thermo-sensitive fabrics, changing colour with the variation of temperature. Featherweight polyester cloth vacuum- coated with a 100% stainless steel film used in aviation technology to protect the on-board computers. Non-woven materials, Kevlar® and polyester felt, rhomboidal nets in polyester used in the construction industry and coated in polyurethane. These are some examples of materials conceived by Stone Island philosophy. Stone Island’s strength is also based on the unique ability to intervene on the finished item, through the continuous tests on dyeing and treatments carried out in the Sportswear Company’s laboratory of colour. A department able to combine advanced technology, experience and human capacity and that has developed more than 60,000 different recipes of dyes throughout the years. All the accumulated knowledge and experience, an inalienable heritage, on which great part of Stone Island’s know-how is based, is kept in the historical archive that collects the trial tests, and the recipes for textile dyeing and handling that have been developed by all those people who have worked on this project with passion.

6516 Stone Island S/S '017

For this Spring Summer '017 collection Stone Island researched the world of modern military and active sports to create new functions and aesthetics. The goal of this careful study on identifying, mixing and blending elements is to redefine shapes, volumes and styles in order to create a truly modern and functional wardrobe.


Garments are dyed with special recipes and then decoloured by hand with a corrosive paste. Residual dye remaining on the surface highlights the architecture of the garment. This artisan process makes each garment unique and unrepeatable and is applied on outerwear pieces made in a military-derived cotton satin, sweatshirts and bottoms.


A series of items inspired by Active sportswear that fully express the functional and creative philosophy of the SS ‘017 collection, developed in all the family products.

Among these the new Reflective Jacket, made with an innovative reflective fabric engineered to be garment-dyed. The nylon tela base is plated with a highly reflective resin coating. The garments have details in Mussola Gommata and fabric mixes highlight the garment-dye technique.


A stand-alone project also integrated into the collection. Innovative materials and technique and graphical reinterpretation on the stripe prints from the archive creates a manifesto of the blend of moder­nity and heritage, with the use of laser cutting on Tank Shield outerwear, corrosion and pigment prints on lightweight and Ortlieb® Drybags.


The garments made in a very light resin-coated nylon fabric are garment dyed, finished and then printed using the sublimatic transfer technique with the Stone Island House Check motif.


The distinctive metallic and changing sheen of Nylon Metal is enriched with shadings created by the different colours used in its warp and weft yarns. 


Stone Island Flagship Store London

The Official UK Stone Island retail store is owned and run by the FOUR Marketing group. Conceived in line with the brand’s philosophy, both as an object of design and a container of clothes. The concept called item/unit 2, has been created with total layout versatility. The floating floor and the hanging structures in marine steel (item) are the supporting element of the store. The luminous vertical elements in fibreglass and in oiled oak (unit) work as further supports to the hanging systems. The shelves in Alucobond and black felt are inserted into the walls through aluminium elements taken from the sailing world.

Store Locations

Stone Island Flagship Store London

79 Brewer Street London, W1F9ZN
020 7287 7734

Stone Island Concession Selfridges London

400 Oxford Street, London, W1A1AB
0800 123 400


The Official UK Stone Island e-commerce store, built and run by the Four Marketing group. A new digital experience: a complete restyling and updated functional features for a fully integrated website conceived in line with the brand’s philosophy … implementation of the creative concept, a flexible technological platform, highly innovative interface design, logistics, customer care and web marketing. 


Stone Island SS17 Billboards

Stone Island SS17 billboards are up around the UK. Find them in Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and London.

Stone Island Presents Glasgow

Stone Island hosted a party in Glasgow to celebrate the UK electronic music scene.

Stone Island Prototype Research_Series 01

Stone Island introduces PROTOTYPE RESEARCH SERIES, a native limited edition project.


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